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We are specialized in IELTS programs. Providing the best training for our students helping them to achieve their required band score. We start with the placement test measuring their knowledge in the certain area and provide our recommendations accordingly. We have a very friendly atmosphere at our institute with an open door policy where students get the opportunity to share their thoughts about the institute and the programs. We conduct IELTS classes at Kiribathgoda. Auspices International has a dynamic team who are dedicated to providing the best service to our students. Company leaders have firsthand experience on how it feels like to go abroad and pursue their dreams. Therefore we understand, for our clients, it is one of the biggest decisions in life to fly across the world to take that next step. With our guidance students will be able to find the best universities in the world to follow their passion. As an education consultant, we have an obligation to guide our students throughout the process, helping them to make the right decisions. Our goal is to give students every possible chance to experience themselves internationally. We strive to help our students to face the tomorrow that they dream of by expanding their horizons and experiencing new things in their lives. Day by day the world gets smaller with the use of innovative technologies and in an era like this, it is important that the future generation gets the opportunity to educate themselves at an international level, engaging and competing with a diverse student group. We are more than consultants. At Auspices, we are a beautiful family that welcomes our clients with warm smiles. We want our students to take that next step allowing not only themselves but also the whole world to build a better tomorrow.
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76B, Kandy Road, Dalugama,, Kelaniya, Gampaha76B, Kandy Road, Dalugama, Kelaniya. (Next to Kelaniya University)

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IELTS Kiribathgoda



IELTS One, Three, and Six months programs. Join with us SAVE MONEY and get your required score on your first try. Give us a call, set up a time to meet the instructor and discuss the program.

Program Highlights
✅Placement test prior to the preparation course to identify your strengths and weaknesses 📋
✅Exclusive course materials 🗞️
✅More than 100 practice tests and techniques throughout the course 📝
✅Track the progress of the students and provide personalized feedback to develop weak areas 📊

Why are we different from others?
1️⃣"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice ~ Anton Chekhov"
Students who train with us get enough practice with our dedicated instructors before they sit for the exam.
2️⃣IELTS programs are designed and delivered in sections which give students more time to learn and practice.
3️⃣We track students progress from DAY 1 onwards while the student is also guided to track their progress throughout the program by themselves.
4️⃣Our instructors are always available to answer any questions with related IELTS.
5️⃣We Use Social media and other communication platforms to share tips, knowledge and answer your questions.

Give us a call TODAY and get register.
ONLY 5 students maximum per group which allows our instructors to give individual attention to each and everyone.

IELTS Kiribathgoda

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🚩 Auspices International
76B, Kandy Road, Dalugama,
(Next to Kelaniya University)